wired connection and not wifi

Briefly describe your issue below:

What version of Parrot are you running? lattest parrot security os
What method did you use to install Parrot? virtualbox
Configured to multiboot with other systems? default settings of virtualbox

List your networking hardware (make, model, firmware version): leoxsys leo-hg150n
chipset is ar8812au most probably
If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below: i found a solution but by using that my host os lost connection

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below:
i am using wifi adapter but parrot see s it as wired connection. i want it to see it as wifi. pls help

If the wireless device is the network connection for the virtual machine, it will be virtualized as a wired connection in Virtualbox. In order to use wireless in your virtual machine, you will need a second wireless device, like a usb dongle.

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