wired ethernet noit working

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The wired ethernet connection is not working. I did a update/upgrade. I am running parrotsec/kde.
Can someone walk me through this PLEASE. Wireless is fine.
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Could you please try this for me?:

service network-manager restart

yes and thank you for the quick response.

I modified network-manager.conf managed=yes, and interfacesstill not working…
It was working until udtates :frowning:
any help is appreciated


Sorry for the delay…

I used a boot usb with the image for install.
Dell 64bit desktop, Intel 82567LM on-board Ethernet controller
Yes, win7/64 on another drive

should I use ifup/ifdown, and does network manager used for ‘wired’ connections in this version? It works some time?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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So lets start with was this device ever working? That seems like an old NIC but it is Intel so I there is a good chance there is driver support if the driver is missing but we haven’t even established whether it’s recognized or not…

When you type ifconfig eth0 is listed?

Go to Menu and search for ’ Wicd Network Manager ’ and try to connect from there.

If your panel does’t have Menu, then right click on panel, add to panel… search ‘Menu’.

Thank you again for your help. For the record the machine is a dell i86_64 with multiple os (on different drives) running Parrot 4.6. I ended up adding these lines to interfaces.conf
auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

and manged=true to network-manager.conf. This added ifdown interface to network manager and still didn;t work? I then added a ‘wired ethernet’ interface with its mac address using eth0 for the device. That did not work immediately. Then after a few reboots both wired and wireless are working simultaneously?? I am now curious if I can team them??

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It is working now but I do not have Wicd manager and would like to get it. Can you help with the install??

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try the apt

sudo apt-get install wicd

Best way to check the internet connection is by pinging


Some times you have DNS problem or something in your browser…

where is the repo for wicd located?

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