Wireguard through VPN being prevented

System 76 - Darter Pro

Version of Parrot
Parrot 5.7.10 Home Edition

Installed by
Downloaded live .iso from website


Error message
Failed to connect: failed to generate WireGuard keys: unable to update WireGuard keys (API calls are blocked by Firewall)

I’m using a VPN client (IVPN) that generates the WireGuard keys within the GUI. (It uses UDP ports 2049, 2050, 53, 1194, 30587, 41893, 48574, or 58237). However, when I try to connect I receive the error above. (OpenVPN through the same VPN works just fine.)

I checked the firewall that came with Parrot and it didn’t even show to be on. I did also install wireguard separately in case that was an issue (v1.0.20200827) but it didn’t make a difference.

Does anyone know how to fix the API calling issue?

Thanks in advance!

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