Wireguard VPN issue with Privacy Badger/Firefox/DNS leaks


I use a WireGuard VPN, and was struggling to find out where my DNS leak was coming to (DNS leak was to a cloudflare IP?).

I turned off Privacy Badger, modified my resolv.conf to ONLY have my VPN providers DNS server, and wrote a script to make sure it never changes (ISP/Network Manager putting entries in)

Now I don’t get leaks.

Is there the possibility that I’m pwned? That’s the only other solution I could think about.

If this helps someone else, your welcome! If someone else helps fix the issue thank you!

First of all, here is how VPN works https://www.top10vpn.com/guides/vpn-encryption-protocols/. I’m no good at networking skills, but i’m sure your data is encrypted until it is from VPN server to actual server you request (see What Is VPN Encryption? from URL). It means, your DNS request is encrypted as well. So any data leak problem, should be from VPN server. And i don’t see the point of using DNS server as VPN server’s address while you are using VPN protocols.
Secondly, can you really trust the DNS leak tests? I am seeing some online websites providing “DNS leak test” which are using js, sending some requests and analysis result. So as you can see, Privacy badger protects your browser from suspect js code. Any blocked js functions could give false positives from client to the test server. And that is normal test, we don’t talk about that is a fake server which runs malicious js code on your browser which could lead to malware infection.
Thirdly, are you being hacked? No, unless you are target of cyber crimes or your government and trust me, if you are the target, DNS leak is last thing they care about.