Wireless network adapter not showing up in interfaces

I recently bought the Alfa AWUS036ACH.

All of the required drivers are installed for MacOS(host)(10.15) and it works normally on the host.

I am using VirtualBox 6.1.
The USB device filter (Realtek) is set and the network adapter is set to bridged adapter, using correct name and deny promiscuous mode. Host Wifi is off.

But whenever I try to use it in a program such as airgeddon it doesn’t show up as an interface option, and only shows “eth0 // Chipset: Intel Corporation 82540EM”

Running Parrot Security MATE ISO using Debian Standard

If you are using the Alpha as your bridged to the host adapter in your hypervisor or manager then it is VIRTUALIZED as ethernet. if you want monitor mode from the alpha device, you will need to use another adapter on the host machine, such as it’s ethernet or another wireless adapter as the bridged adapter in your machine manager and enable the Alpha as an available USB device in manager. Then bring it up in virtual machine with ifconfig iwconfig airmon-ng.
Also you may want to re-add yourself to the vboxusers group with sudo usermod -aG vboxusers whateveryourusernameis USB and shared folders and some other things will not work if user is not in the group.

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