Wireless usb adapters

hey guys
i want to buy a wifi adapter that supports packet injection and monitor mode . i found one within my budget with Realtek RTL8812AU chipset. I am not sure whether it is compatible with parrot.
Please let me know if anyone of you has any idea about this chipset

There’s two topics about it, try the search feature next time. Realtek rtl8812au driver Alfa AWUS036ACH

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Hi @no0b, I have seen you comment on the AWUS1900 previously saying that it was stronger than the AWUS036ACH, could you elaborate?
Link: https://oldforums.parrotsec.org/viewtopic.php?id=1210

Sorry, I dont see a way to message you so had to ask here

Side note: Yes, they seem to be working, if you successfully install the drivers.
Link: https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au

Hey, the AWUS036ach has two antennas and a Data Rate of 867mbps, while the AWUS1900 has four antennas and a Data Rate of 1900mbps, so its faster and catch more APs and traffic.

I got one Awus036ach and i can’t recommend it, its made of cheap material, if it falls once its broken, it moves a lot if you use a laptop, and isn’t that powerful.

I recommend either Panda PAU09 N600, or if you don’t care about 5 ghz, then the tplink tl-wn722n v1, which is very cheap price.

Hi and thank you for the reply.

I actually got the AWUS036ACH over the AWUS1900 because the seller told me that it has better range. (weeks ago)

He illustrated it by using a hose (i dont know if it holds any water)
Eg: When you use a hose, water comes out from one side, strong and fast but if you put more holes (in this case more antennas), water becomes dispersed and weak.
He did however say that the 1900 was faster but lacking in range.
Also told me that Alfa told him that the ACH was better in range…

I found it to be funny but perhaps you could see if this made sense and correct me if it did not.

I have the 722 v1, waiting for the PAU09.

Something funny though is that, better range doesnt mean it will be stable.

I have had other cards that can go quite far but does not keep a stable connection.

Thank you and warm regards.

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I appreciate your detailed answer, i only told you what i had read about both adapters, so will rely on what you said since you talked with the seller yourself, and what you said make sense, you can have a lot of range but lot of disconnection, failed hanshake etc.

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No worries, I was just wondering if you had more information than I did.

What adapter do you currently use and have used in the past?

Unfortunately, Alfa’s customer service is lacking, probably due to language barrier and tends to skip or ignore certain questions.

Side note: You need proper USB 3 to utilize these adapters (AWUS 036ACH & AWUS 1900)

Thanks, i did not know i need USB 3, all my usb port are 3 so i couldnt know it. I only used AWUS036ACH which i did not like at all because i use a laptop only. I ordered a PAU09 N600 though, so i will give my thoughts about it later (at least a week).

And right now i have no adapter, i sent back AWUS036ACH the day i received it.

I think the ACH is decent but on a laptop you need to be plugged in and have battery so that it pumps enough power. Otherwise it keeps disconnecting.

May I know why you sent it back and where did you get it from?

I am afraid you may be disappointed in the PAU09 if range is important (but let me know if its great).

Also see if yours have scratches all over the product (guessing you ordered from Amazon).

I got the ACH from Amazon, and it was brand new, i sent it back because i did not like the fact it move too much because of its design, and it was very fragile material. And i found the range not so impressive in comparison to the price (51 euros).

So if the PAU 09’ range isnt good as well, what would you do?

I need one adapter anyway so i would still keep it because its portable in contrary to the Alfa products. There aren’t much adapters that support injection/monitor in 5 ghz spectrum (i think there’s only 3 adapters on the market)

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Im sure these have been listed before but any of these are defo perfect for debian and also actually decent for Pen-testing if you have any interest in that. Also Hak5 have decent pentest setups and guides for USB dongle/adapters for wireless networks.

Atheros AR9271
Ralink RT3070
Ralink RT3572
Ralink RT5572
Realtek RTL8812AU
Ralink RT5370N




Well, Ill be back to check on and see how it goes for you. So keep us posted please.

Thank you

wrong section, this discussion has nothing to do with the development and delivery of security updates

I have TP-LINK (TL-WN722N-V2), I have installed these drivers https://github.com/abhijeet2096/TL-WN722N-V2 and works everything (Monitor mode and packet injection)