Wlan0 doesn't work after reboot

Hi i just installed parrot security os on my laptop.
i installed compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p
my wlan0 does work but i can’t find any wireless networks and when i reboot my wlan0 doesn’t work again.

Can someone help me please?

Hi @Sabbe1,

Can you provide some additional information?

  1. What version of Parrot are use running?
  2. What type/model is you network card?
  3. Did you install that driver set because your wifi wasn’t working after installing Parrot?
  4. You can try to run the following nmcli radio wifi off && sleep 5 && nmcli radio wifi on
  5. If #4 doesn’t work, you can try sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

it is a little hard to figure it out:

  1. Your driver is in blacklist (modprobe i guess) so it can’t boot with system
  2. you’ve upgraded your system, your driver is not compatible with latest package (kernel for example) so reboot makes it be broken driver

Hi lots of thanks for all the quick responses
but i already solved my problem.
My problem was that i installed the wrong driver.
I found my problem here.

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