Working Installation of Parrot OS


This is my first post so far.

Ive been trying to install ParrotOS via a USB Stick on a 200 GBs partition, through the Installer option (right above the GTKInstaller)

The installation goes just fine and everything works just fine except the grub bootloader… everytime i installa that OS i get stuck on a #GNU_GRUB_Beta_Version_2.02_Minimal_Bash… screen.

Tried all the suggested fixes
Set prefix=…
Set root=… etc etc etc


End point of this.

DO NOT Install parrot OS via Installer. Do it through the GTKInstaller, Last Option in the Menu.
Sode note: Rufus is bad for parrot imaging on a usb, Etcher did the trick.

yea there was an early post addressing this

Greetings mate. Hence your installation failed on both systems the highest possibility you have is a corrupted iso file, download a new one from Parrot Sec Official Website,
Oh, and use Etcher to extract the ISO.
And you mentioned formatting an HDD,

you need to leave the space you want to install parrot on as unallocated… I have my system installed on a 200 GBS partition on my SSD.

Parrot-er -

I already have ParrotSec up & running, I was just attempting to respond to your post by pointing you to a prior post I had been following…regarding the install bug that was in the release at the time.

But thanks for the reply.

I am happy for you @BD1 :slight_smile:

I’ve had bad luck trying to install any iso on a usb over 64 gig, even tails.

Maybe wrong pendrive?

@negadave did you use the GTKInstaller?

@Jarek_Gdeko if the pendrive has bad sectors on it, this might also be a reason for installation failure!
Running a Bad Sector Check while flashing the ISO file to the USB is a good thought. :slight_smile:

I had issue with Tails Live USB installing. Cheapest pendrives will not work with it. S*k is ok and provide Tails and Parrot installation without problems.

Not sure if you have a cd drive but I had all kinds of trouble with install. I tried etcher and rufus for my usb but failed everytime then I decided to burn to disk and intall went down without a hitch.

I used etcher. You’re probably right about the pendrivre. I need to know how to get a usb portable harddrive to run a live version of tails or parrot


i can say that u have Parrot OS up and running, and it seems like mission impossible but if u can provide the installation log files to the technical support category (or anything close to that) you will help make parrot os better :slight_smile:

I am considering permanently switching to parrot, i have windows 10 dual booted with parrot, windows sucks, parrot rocks.

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It is known that Rufus is bad for iso imaging on usb for any linux distro other than kali linux.
Furthermore I use a mac so it’s not even available to try and fail installing any linux os because of bad imaging software…

The best free software that is available on any platform is etcher. (Same as your recommendation) :slight_smile::wink:

Good Luck to anyone imaging parrot os on usb after reading this :+1:


Umm i think you mistyped :joy:

"It is known that Rufus is bad for iso imaging on usb for any linux distro other than kali linux."

"The best free software that is available on any platform is rufus."


yes i did :fearful:


but not any more…

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Magic :mage:. Nobody will ever know


@cust0m12 glade we agreed on what the best software for flashing distros :slight_smile:

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