XDG-OPEN not working, error with KIO Client

Whenever I run xdg-open I get the following:

Icon theme "breeze-dark" not found.
Error: standard icon theme "hicolor" not found!
kf.kio.widgets: Unknown MIME type ""
kf.service.services: KApplicationTrader: mimeType "" not found

Needless to say, it does not open anything, only the KIO Client to ask me what application I want to open it with but nothing appears in the options, it is completely empty.

I just installed again my OS after a disk failure, it always worked.

  • Parrot version in use:
    5.0 Bullseye
  • Kernel version:
  • Screenshots:

Since I can’t find any solution on internet, is there any fast way to like reinstall the core of the OS without losing data? like a distro upgrade or something like that? This is giving me headache and it’s been like 2 days of it with no solution