XFCE4 development

We are testing configurations for xfce4. Hopefully we can release it on version 4.9
Screenshot (tested in virtualbox with 1400x1050 solution). We will test with 1366x768 and 1920x1440 as most common resolutions
Core configurations:

  1. Icy-Dark theme. I think the display of this theme is better than ARK-Dark
  2. Icon pack: Maia. Theme and icon pack was official theme in previous versions of Parrot.
  3. Window icons (for minimize, exit buttons on top corner): Icy-Dark
  4. Panel size: 32.
    Panel configurations:
  5. Top panel: applications menu, Launcher: encryptpad, Launcher: vscodium, Launcher: Remmina, Seperator: Expand, Clock, Seperator: Expand, Notification, Notification area
  6. Bottom panel: Whisker menu, Launcher: Terminal, Launcher: Firefox Profile, Launcher: File explorer (Thunar), Seperator: Expand, Task bar: Window Buttons, Seperator: Expand, Workspace Switcher


  1. Test configurations again with fresh netinstaller, retest under new update packages
  2. Change launchers by add more useful launchers and remove uncommonly used launchers
  3. Test under iso file
  4. Optimize animations and performances. It is a must do because the reason we config XFCE4 is because we want to focus on lightweight DE. Under development environment, fresh boot takes 0.38 / 1.9 GiB RAM and open windows like last screenshot takes 0.59 GiB RAM

Known issues:

  1. XFCE terminal can’t use current .bashrc configuration. There is a character display issue
    Screenshot at 2020-04-15 13-07-38
  2. Bottom panel disappears in Virtualbox when display settings change to screen resolution. (My screen is having 1920x1440 resolution and change display of xfce4 to 1920x1440 makes it happen).

Screenshot (1680x1050) with opened windows


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