Xfsettingsd crashes after disconnected HDMI port [XFCE bug]

As you can see from the picture, the top bar is on top of each other, after I connected an external HDMI cable to my Laptop to write some code (a very reasonable thing to do). After you disconnect the HDMI, xfsettingsd crashes, and it leaves the bar on top of each other. It’s a known critical bug (and fixed), so please update XFCE. Thank you.

We can’t.

  1. First, XFCE needs to create official release. Ofc we can patch some bugs but it’ll create maintain issue in later version
  2. We pull packages like XFCE on Debian
  3. There are some more patches i want to include too, but returns 1 and 2.
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I guess I’ll have to live with it, then :cry:

I started using XFCE, because they say that it’s light fast and stable. I just find bugs everywhere. Maybe I’ll try Parrot Architect, and build my system from scratch (hypr and hyprland looks kinda nice)… :cold_sweat:

Bugs are everywhere. That’s why you need it.

Joking aside, XFCE is the most stable DE i’ve used. I’m having gtx 3060 TI and yes I’m using XFCE. It’s not performance matter. It’s performance and stable matter. I don’t unplug my HDMI port so well technically i don’t have this problem lul

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Well I think in next release, XFCE will be more stable considering there are so many closed issues on their gitlab. Let’s hope hehe.

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