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#1 2017-06-19 12:04:14

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Whats Parrot's vision?

Hi Parrot Devs and Community.

I have a question about Parrots vision, from what I see people would like this as
a Desktop Linux system, which I would not recommend at all for any security distribution.

It does contain vulnerabilities, old libraries, and "special" setup in order to get tools and
exploits working properly.

I would use this professionally on site, with as minimal stuff as possible.
Sadly Kali pulls to much performance and are slow with updates from their repo (bleeding edge, msf and Nmap etc).
And yes, you can change Window Manager etc etc but I just want it to be good Out Of The Box.

ArchStrike has been my goto, until one of the Developers quit.

BackBox is ok, but doesn't have all the things I use on a daily basis, which would mean I have to compile,
set up own gems, and might break the packet handling during updates etc.

However; Parrot have a good repo, similar to Kali but,  I'm unsure about Parrots vision.
Are you (devs) aiming for a Penetration testing distro or are you aiming for a desktop replacement ?

I see people requesting gaming support (Accelerated wine) and other tools / games
that would just waste space and effort.

Let me know, would be nice to contribute, unless its a 'desktop replacment'



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