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#1 2017-10-11 20:32:31

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Updater Crashes

I'm having an issue where the updater crashes randomly when I click to open various programs.  I have a dual boot setup, Parrot Full on my laptop's m2 ssd, and Win.10 on my main ssd.  Here's what happens:
-I can install Parrot just fine (using the gtk installer) from iso on usb drive
-Parrot boots up, I login, it asks to check for updates
-I start the updates (200+ available), the updater terminal opens, and everything's going fine
-After a [seemingly] random amount of time, when I click on a tab/or try to launch a program, the update terminal and the program I was just using/tried opening close.  If I try to reopen the terminal/program, they close again after a split second.  I can, however, open any other applications that weren't open when the updater and program crashed.  (This seems to happen when the updater is around 60+% complete)
-When I reboot, I get stuck at a screen that changes between a blank screen and a cursor blinking sporadically in the top left corner.

This has happened twice, once last night when I clicked to create a new terminal settings profile in a separate terminal while the updater was running, and once today after I tried reinstalling Parrot and clicked to launch the Preferences/Control Panel to adjust the autodim while the updater was running. 

Laptop Specs:
-i5 62?00Hq
-16gb ddr4
-gtx 960m 4gb
-240gb ssd/1tb hdd
-64gb m2 ssd

Any help would be appreciated!


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