4.4_i386 Install success

This follows on from my “4.x_i386 install failure” series

After another fail installing 4,4 from a dd’d USB key, I dug out my portable DVD unit, loaded with the DVD I’d burned of Parrot32, and booted the netbook. Once booted, I went through the normal installation sequence targeting the 32GB SDHC card in /dev/sdc.

On completion, it wasn’t possible to boot from the card - it hung.

I went back and rebooted from the DVD, this time into the live system. I then went though a chrooted grub reinstall process from the DVD to the SDHC card. On completeion, I shut down the system, and disconnected the DVD drive,

I then rebooted from the SDHC card. This time the boot was successful.

This should pinpoint where the install process is going awry if anyone wants to dig further.

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