"802.11ac PCIe" Realtek wifi drivers

Hi there!
I Was installing Parrot OS on a notebook (Huawei mate 15 D), and had a bit of troubles with the Network card… Since the Laptop has no LAN port i needed to connect with the Wi-Fi (logic, you say).


At the moment of the network setup, in the installation procedure, Installer can not identify the right driver and prompts a list for manual selection… Since here is all easy.
You may googled the right driver for your hardware (Realtek 8822CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC, in my case) and may result “802.11ac PCIe” being the right driver to chose.
You click ENTER and… nothing happens, you get back to driver list selection. Seems like the installer can not recognize driver as the right to use.
You can also try the other drivers that may be suitable, but if still nothing works…


For now you can try to skip network setup and install driver manually importing it with an USB stick.

== EASY AS PIE! ==

  1. Download https://github.com/lwfinger/rtw88
  2. Unzip into USB
  3. Copy to PARROT OS
  4. Inside the folder open Konsole
  5. make
  6. sudo make install
  7. reboot

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I actually have this issue with Debian instead of Parrot interestingly enough :rofl: I started out with Arch Linux and recently just started tinkering with Debian. I find it funny the simple issues that will be difficult to fix on Debian are almost factory for Arch. I love Debian based systems like Parrot though, their package management and .deb’s are amazing. I tend to delete all my GUI stuff though and keep breaking my system

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