A mysteries Parrot 4.11 installer in Applications

Last, before the recent shutdown I updated my Parrot 4.10. And after that Next morning I saw this installer on my desktop saying It was a installer for Parrot 4.11 I was excited to install it so I went to the official parrotsec.org page to notice that there’s actually not released yet so I thought that my system has been compromised and I also know that dev’s are working on this version but I am posting this only to be sure because There was an attack already took place to some people who got a compromised version of parrot.

When was this?

Do you have any screenshot / file?

And there’s also an icon on my desktopScreenshot_20201228_105418

I’m using a installed version of Parrot

Where did you download this version?

I didn’t install it just appeared on my desktop after updating my system before shutting down

I think it’s not a big case I analyzed it a bit and saw that ** it only executes the command** install-debian