About parrot desktop flavours

Hello every one
I need informations about desktop flavours
Is their any deferences between kde and mate in a major like libraries repositories tools or the deferences in the desktop enviroment only
And can i install kali apps in parrot or not
Thanks for all

Hi. No, but KDE is generally heavier in terms of resources to use it smoothly. The repository is the same. You can install any Debian package in Parrot.

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thank you
can i install kali programs and arsenal

You can install any Debian compatible software (Parrot and Kali are two Debian based distros). Read more about Debian and experiment with Parrot to understand it better.

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Many many thanks for you

@Mina , you may try MATE which seems to be a bit more appealing than KDE . Tools remain almost the same - the visual design changes .
Since Kali is a Debian distribution and so is Parrot; therefore, almost anything that Kali has can be installed on Parrot Security as well .