ACPI Error on Lenovo ideapad S340

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I am trying to dual boot my laptop with windows 11 and parrot os. I tried to use different methods to create a bootable flash drive. I used Balena Etcher, Rufus, also tried DD Mode in Rufus still I get the ACPI error after which i see the parrot logo load and then i am stuck with busybox (initramfs) error.
This thing happens as soon as I click on try/installin GRUB.

  • ParrotOS iso in use:
    Parrot-home-5.0_amd64.iso, Parrot-security-5.0_amd64

  • Application used for flashing the iso:

balenaEtcher, Rufus

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

  • Screenshots: