Airodump-ng Does Not Work

Airodump-ng Does Not Work …

When I’m going to use Airmon-ng and everything happens normal, everything appears about how the board goes into monitor mode.

More When I’m going to use Airodump-ng with the wlan0mon network interface this error appears:

  • Interface wlan0mon:
  • ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: No such device

And if instead of I put wlan0mon I put only wlan0 appears that other error:

  • ioctl(SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Operation not supported
  • ioctl(SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Operation not supported
  • Error setting monitor mode on wlan0

And that only happens in Parrot OS, that’s because I’ve used several such as Kali Linux, Pentool, Bugtraq among others … More that only happens in Parrot OS.

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I can’t show screenshot because of privacy and im lazy of hiding IDs, but it’s working fine on my system, maybe Kali install additionnal packages for supporting many wireless adapters, what is the one you are using ? (the name of the adapter and the firmware).

Try set it manually:

ifconfig <interface> down
iwconfig <interface> mode monitor
ifconfig <interface> up

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This may sound like a silly question but: is that your actual interface name for the monitor device? I know I can get used to typing an interface name I’m not familiar with without actually checking ifconfig. Perhaps double check ifconfig to make sure you have the correct monitor interface?

What do you get when run: iwconfig ?

When you run airmon-ng start wlan1 the interface name will be wlan1mon. The airodump add a mon tag to it.
When you set the mode manually, the interface name didn’t change.

As @KileXt said, you can check it with the iwconfig (next to interface name, the second line should contain Mode:Monitor


I agree which is why I was asking if he was sure the name he was using was correct.

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does your hardware wireless adapter support monitor mode?