ALFA wont work after update and reinstall driver.

I have installed Parrot OS home edition 4.7 and i was using my ALFA usb wifi adapter works fine until i update the os. After the update the driver doesnt work it didnt detect my ALFA i did find the solution for parrot to detect my ALFA but i wasnt able to connect to any wireless network it will just keep loading and asking my password again and again.Before i update this was working perfectly possibly the 4.7 gives this issue (after update and upgrade) i hope the 4.8 fix this. It might be that when i upgrade the os it did something to the driver.

Also running 4.7 and awus036ach driver has a problem. Driver is installed but when plugging in the usb adaptor the driver bombs. Other patched driver from github won’t compile in Parrot Security 4.7. Waiting for next Parrot version and hoping for the best.

  1. If you have a problem with a package after an update, use a previous version of the package or the kernel that does work.
  2. Parrot team has nothing to do with those packages, a new driver version will be available when the maintainer finishes it.

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