Alternative to kwavecontrol?

Does anyone know of an alternative to kwavecontrol? This is a simple app (widget?) for KDE that displays the current wifi “link quality” and for the life of me I haven’t found an alternative tool for non-KDE distros. I use this app all the time to monitor the wifi signal which is extremely useful considering I usually have to aim a directional yagi.

This is NOT SIGNAL SRENGTH! Signal strength is absolutely useless, and unfortunately is what all other wifi apps display for whatever insane reason. “link quality” appears to be some kind of signal to noise ratio, or perhaps equivalent to RXQ.

Failing this I suppose I can delete my current install and try the KDE version (or if there is a easy way to convert that would be useful). Pity I have to install KDE just for one tiny tool, but perhaps that’s the sad state of the art.