AMD driver issues after update 27/Sep/21

Just upgraded Parrot, lost all display resolution choices but 1024768. Standard screen resolution is 19201080 and worked fine on last boot about 2 days ago. firmware-amd package says it’s the latest version, so does xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu. I’ve done about 2 hours of Googling, tried some resolution forcing via xrandr, but I haven’t gotten anywhere, and it’s driving me nuts. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Parrot version 4.11

Kernel version 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64

Exact same issue. It seems like this is not a specific vendor issue. This is an issue that affects both AMD/Nvidia cards, laptop baby-cards, everything.

Tried re-installing ‘amdgpu’ drivers from AMD website, using amdgpu/pro-uninstall then reinstall. Both as root/user.

Sigh… this looks like a major issue across all sorts of different hardware since update. I tried rolling back kernels but the issue was persistent.

Need a fix or an update asap. Begs the question of prerelease testing on various hardware.

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