Android mounting issue

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4.9/home mate iso
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debain standard

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It seems the os recognizes the connection of an android device,but isn’t capable of mounting to it,which is obviously preventing access to the device for android development,mirroring,etc.

also,any suggestions for debain compatible device screen mirroring mirroring would be helpful.

thanks in advance…

What have you tried?

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Being new to the parrot os,and linux,I’ll admit,not much.
i understand this is a do it yourself group of users when it comes to this platform,which I’m fine with.
I’m simply trying to feel may way around the learning curve of the os and get pointed in the right direction.

my plans are to do what i briefly explained above,but at the moment i cant even get the device to mount to the system.
it could be something rather simple that i’m missing,or that i’m just not aware of…?
regarding the mirror function,i was using vysor with windows 10.
it seems to be available for this version of linux,but upon install i cant even find the app that it says was successfully installed…

What model phone, what Android version? When you say mount you mean to access its internal storage, yes? Did you remember to change the usb connection type to file transfer on the phone? Recent android devices use media transfer protocol(MTP) to access internal storage on external devices but virtually all modern linux distros(this one included) can handle this by default in the file manager. Plug in the phone to the computer, on the phone change the usb connection type to file transfer, you should see phone appear in file manager and/or desktop, click on it and it opens to your phone’s internal storage. I’m not sure what where the issue is but it’s not complicated.

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This post was my first week on ParrotOS,since then I’ve been able to see the errors i was making with accessing devices,i just wasn’t familiar with where to look coming from windows 10 and using file manager…
it would be nice if the system promoted you when a device was connected,but i guess it just doesn’t…?
or maybe it does and i’m just doing something wrong?

second to that,i still haven’t found a device mirroring program to replace vysor since my switch to ParrotOS,so any advice you could give for that is much appreciated…

scratch that,i just installed scrcpy and its what i needed…
i saw it when i posted this,but i just didn’t understand then that it had to be launched and ran via command line.
i’m still adjusting to that coming from windows,but this seems to do the trick.
thanks anyway!

@muroga @RightToPrivacy

Though this post was created due to a lack of OS knowledge initially,this particular issue is now presenting itself in a real way after the latest update.
i submitted the issue for a new topic,and have also mentioned it as a potential bug,but haven’t seen a response just yet.

prior to the update the storage devices and phones connected just fine.
but as of right now,the OS recognizes something is there,but will not mount…
any thoughts?

That is unusual. What version of Android is the phone running? It might be that the device’s id (product/vendor) is not recognized as an Android phone by udev.
The first image suggests exfat-utils might not be installed.

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Its a galaxy express prime j320a,i believe the Os is oreo.
its a de-googled backup that i use.
Thing is,there was no issue with it being mounted before the rolling update was installed,and no changes were made to the phone since the rolling update.
(it is rooted via odin,and may actually be recognized as a different device j320az,as the (root) was achieved via another device with an unlocked bootloader and shell kernel.)
i also checked into exfat and exfat-utils,both were installed,i even reinstalled them to be sure,and still, nothing…