Anonsurf enable boot not working

hello there,
After system reboot, anonsurf starts running but cant connect to tor I guess…
in the GUI I see ports: and dns: sections says can not bind port

Is there anyone wanna help me about it?

Thanks everyone.

Hi. I’m the developer of new AnonSurf version. Can you please check:

  1. After boot and it doesn’t work, open terminal or use launcher, stop and start AnonSurf again (or restart)
  2. Check any services / processes is using port 53 or any Tor port
  3. Change port settings in /etc/anonsurf/torrc.base
    I’m testing the current version on VM and testing version on VM then i’ll give you my result.

Current stable version inside VM

The newer version is fine as well. I’ve found not problem of binding port. I’ve fixed an issue about resolv.conf setting. Can you help me check as i commented above please?

I found the solution by reinstalling anonsurf
“sudo apt-get reinstall -y anonsurf” fixed my issue. Thanks for the help.

Do you have fresh install 4.10 or upgrade from older version? it might be a bug and we would like to know to check on our side.

I’m upgrading right now.

BTW yes;


If you need more details, I can send more.

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