Hi I got installed parrot Os on virtualbox inside a debian based linux.
I have important questions now:
If I’ll turn on anonsurf mode on parttOS and then connect RDP via remmina. It will work like this:
Tor>remmina>RDP ? Anonsurf mode will route all my traffic through Tor to my RDP ?
If yes, Is there any chance it will drop my connect somehow and reveal my real IP on Rdp which I connect? Or I can be sure that anonsurf will block connections which not go through tor?

I would be happy if someone could answer my 2x questions.

Merry Christmas!

The connection should be like

  1. Any software: Remmina / ssh client / FTP client ,…
  2. Tor’s Port on localhost. This is the local proxy to forward all traffic to Tor
  3. Tor network
  4. Server side.

Your answer is not very clear for me, as it is directed for more professional person I think. I am not pro, but also not a noob, but still I would like if you explain more in noob language, if there is any chance would be great. Or if you can please send some link where I can read how this connection should look like step by step or it will be more understable for me :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

Anonsurf creates a Tor proxy and all traffics on your system will go through it. So anything, like firefox, remmina, will have Tor traffic. Then, the traffic goes to the server.

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There is no chance it will drop my connection and show my real IP ?
Anonsurf set something like killswitch option?

I don’t know what “killswitch” you meant but no there is no such thing like real ip of yours will be showed unless something is wrong and packets won’t go through Tor

Many of the VPN services have killswitch option. When this option is enabled and VPN disconnected for some reason, it will lock your network and drop all connections, so no real IP are exposed.