Anydesk does not install!

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Is anyone having trouble installing anydesk?
Thank you !

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Please make sure to still use the template even on non install issues, what is anydesk?

Remote access

Parrot comes with ‘Remote Desktop Viewer’ might be worth trying that.

But anydesk should be easy to install, as it’s packaged into a .deb. Make sure you download the correct version off of the website, then open the .deb with ‘GDebi Package Installer’, and it will do the rest.

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Yes I did it. More missing a dependency.

You are still missing dependencies?

You will have to provide more detail. ‘GDebi Package Installer’ will install dependencies for you.
Assuming you have a 64bit cpu, you will want: (Direct download link)

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I’m having the same issue with anydesk_5.5.5-1_amd64.deb

Well here is the solution for that
In actuall the dependencies are not missing, Anydesk just need the exact version of the dependencies they ask despite the dependencies already being the latest one

first just install the Anydesk .deb package with this

sudo dpkg -i anydesk.deb (replace anydesk.deb with the package name that you have got)

it will give the error that two dependencies are missing then
do this
sudo apt install -f to fix that

after that repeat the

sudo dpkg -i anydesk.deb

it will be install though it will give error.

Then to run it, just type anydesk in the terminal or search for Anydesk in the Application Menu.

Its fault from the Anydesk application not on the Parrot OS.

This may have worked before but since April 30th Parrot 4.9 anydesk dependency on libpango1.0-0 cannot be fixed easily as there is some kind of version or package name conflict I do not truly understand yet.
I don’t know who is to blame: debian, parrot 4.9 or anydesk…
libpango1.0-0 : Depends: libpango-1.0-0 (= 1.42.4-8) but 1.44.7-3 is to be installed

Anydesk App is built for Stability this means they use stable packages
Parrot Os is based on Debian Testing (Bullseye) this means it has more newer versions of packages

i dont think anyone is to blame