Apt-add-repository error

I can’t run sudo apt-add-repository
I have installed software-properties common already with apt-get
I am trying to install the Adpata theme, so that may not be supported, but I get the same error with Blender

I am running Parrot Security 3.11 x64
I am running Parrot in live mode on a usb


Kind of off topic, but as I was trying to upload this screenshot, when I click the upload button, the file explorer that pops up will only let me choose files in the Home and Recent tabs. If I click anything else, like Documents, it snaps back to Home.


Hi mw123.

You shouldn’t add repositories on Parrot as it WILL break your system. Period.

The command you used here is for Ubuntu based distros and Parrot is Debian based.

Third reason, Parrot is a rolling release distro with set software mirrors so adding repos is just a big huge ginormous no-no.

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On the uploading thingy. That is due to firejail as it restricts directory access.

Also, if you must have the theme, you can follow the documentation:

Ok, I’ll stay away from repositories then