Apt dist-upgrade very slow

I have Parrot Security version 4.5 64-bit architecture installed on the virtualbox, when I upgrade with the apt dist-upgrade or apt full-upgrade command is very slow, it takes several hours to finish the update, the package download is fast, the slow part takes place when it performs the extraction of the packages to be updated, how can I solve the problem?

In Virtualbox I set 2 processors, 2048 MB Ram (even if the Ram increase the problem remains), I used the ISO. In the hardware virtualization voice the entries are enabled: enable VT-x / AMD-V and enable nested pagination.

before installing the ISO I had already tried with OVA assigning 2GB of RAM and 80 GB GB of disk space but I had the same problem, I own a laptop with 8 GB of RAM DDR4, CPU Intel I5, harddrive disk, with previous versions of Parrot I did not have this problem

Actually Process will slow in VM
Upgrade take time for installations/update of packages
There is nothing that you increase RAM and it will get fast

I installed Parrot Sec on my raspberry pi 3b+ and it works just fine, except it’s the 2017.11.15 version. When I use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade it takes hours and when it’s done it won’t start. I have been testing and looking for solutions over the past few days, but so far nothing has come up.

Hey @gianlux would you please tell me what type of file system you’ve set the drive on which you’ve installed the OS?

Hello, the file system used is the default “btrfs”, however I think I have solved, I downloaded the latest version released 4.5.1, installation via ISO, it seems to me that now the installation of the packages is back to normal, perhaps the problem was due to a snapshot of the machine that I had restored, from that moment the installation of the packages was slow, now with the clean installation as mentioned I think it is back to normal, I’m testing the release and I wait for the updates that still do not it has been released since a few days ago.

Yeah, I would have guessed so. The problem with BTRFS is that its writing speed is slow. I myself use XFS file system and it’s pretty fast and I’m happy with it.

Regarding Parrot Sec OS 4.5.1, there’s an issue with the sources.list file located on /etc/apt/sources.list which prevents update process to be performed. Open that file in your editor, remove the IP number parts, save it, and perform updating through terminal again.

Your sources.list file’s content should be as following:

deb http://deb.parrotsec.org/parrot parrot main contrib non-free
deb-src http://deb.parrotsec.org/parrot parrot main contrib non-free

I had documented on the BTRFS file system that was slow to write but did not imagine very slow, I performed two installations of Parrot Security, one with the XFS file system, the other with the mature EXT4 file system, I’m testing, but not known large differences compared to BTRFS.