Hi guys i have this kind of problem when i try to shotdouwn my pc a text that say “at-spi-bus-luncher does not respond” and i can’t shotdown my pc.
Vesion: 5.2.0-2parrot1-amd64.
I no have other systems on my pc i only have parrot installed.

The problem is not the launcher deamon, but a bug in the gnome keyring. Our Devs have to either downgrade the pkg or apply the fix from Arch/Manjaro. (Not really into the Debian bugfix world, so I don’t know what’s going on there)
As you can see here:


Thx for your help @99-0 , we going to check this .

soo the only thing that i can do is to wait for an upgrade with the bug fix is right?

For anyone following the Debian distro (that would include us): Bugs in package gnome-keyring (version 3.34.0-1)

tengo el mismo problema después de instalar la ultima actualización. Si se puede corregir por favor!!


Or you could downgrade your Gnome Keyring but I reckon you should wait for the patch since the bug does not appeal as a security threat to your system

Cheers :blush:

by now everyone can avoid this stupid error by using command line shutdown -h now for shut machine down and shutdown -r now for reboot machine (at least it works for me and honestly i always use commands). We have to wait the fix in next release of gnome keyring.


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