Blackscreen after startup

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Before I start: I´m a complete Linux beginner.
I updated my Parrot os 10 yesterday and since then I could not start it again. Every time just before the login page, the screen turns black with just an underline blinking in the left top corner and the mouse cursor also blinking.

What version of Parrot are you running? (include version (e.g. 4.6), edition(e.g. Home//KDE/OVA, etc.), and architecture (currently we only support amd64)
i don`t realy know besides from the version in the advanced boot options where it says version 10.
What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental)

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes)
Dualboot with Windows 10

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go through this:- Black Screen Issues
maybe you might find your solution

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