Blank screen at login after upgrading and reboot

Hello All,

 I have installed parrot os security kde edition latest (which is available today). 

My system specifications:
Ram: 8gb
Hdd: 1TB (130gb for parrot os)
ssd: 128gb (only for windows)
dual boot (windows and parrot os)
Grub boot loader
processor: AMD RYZEN 5
after installation of OS i was successfully login into the os. I performed following operations in terminal
sudo apt update
sudo parrot-upgrade
Update is done and for upgrade i stopped in between installation.
I restarted the system and stuck on blank screen with blinking cursor.
i have tried with the boot options like acpi=0, nividea off no use it’s still the same.
im thinking its with the graphics issue.
can anyone help me to resolve the problem?

I’m thinking to reinstall the os and instead of update and upgrading i should install amd graphics drivers first?