Boots as Live CD, not after install

Hey! I decided to give Parrot OS a try to see if I wanted to switch from Kali / use it side-by-side with Kali and I am having some issues with the initial install of it. First, I tried to install the version located on the homepage’s download section, and it installed fine, or so I thought, but when I tried to boot it after the install it gets stuck on the “Starting Samba SMB Daemon”. After a few restarts (and the first time I let it sit for well over 2 hours), I gave up and decided to delete the virtual machine and try to reinstall it again, still to no avail. This time however, it would occasionally get to the “Started Light Display Manager” but never progress further than that. I decided to go ahead and try to boot it as a live cd in the same VM instance, and it works fine. Any suggestions on where to go/how to progress? I give the VM 8GB of RAM, 3 cores of my processor, 128MB of video memory with 3D acceleration turned on.