Broken pakages

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Hello Parrot team am from kenya a pentester and a big fun for parrot os though lately after upgrades there appears to be issues with packages either they are held back or are nolonger functioning as they should right now faraday isn’t working. Please correct them soon we’ll appreciate and thanks for the hard work we get upgrades almost weekly

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Parrot Security MATE 4.8
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Debian standard
Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)
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I’m having the same issue with version 4.8, that Faraday is not working.

I’ve realised its most of my python pakages have been kept back found quick fixes but i hope there’s an update soon

All in all parrot os syill remains ny no. 1 Os for pentesting thanks for the hard work parrot team :pray::pray::pray:

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