bug double screen to a single screen

I installed Parrot 4.7 on my dell computer, intel 5vpro.
I use a double screen nothing to report everything works perfectly.
When I disconnect the second screen and restart or lock my computer, it no longer works.
When I restart it it displays the icon of parrot start and after black screen with cursor.
When I lock it and want to unlock it, the screen is frozen.
The only solution that works is to reconnect the second screen and restart again.

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance and sorry if an answer has already been posted I can’t find anything

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I am sorry, does it mean your laptop plugged an extra screen and it was broken? It could be:

  • Driver problem
  • Display settings problem
  • Desktop environment problem
    For now it is too soon to say what happened. We need more information like: your hardware, your error logs, …

First of all, I thank you for taking the time to read my problem really. As far as my PC is concerned it’s a Dell LATITUDE E5450. the PC screen works very well. i looked in the X11 folder, i checked in the configuration the main screen but nothing works. The only solution but it doesn’t really work is to start without ACPI it works but if I lock or close the PC I am in front of a black screen, I link videos that show the problem. Thank you again in advance for your help

I am thinking this is conflict of kernel and graphic driver. Can you use 1 screen only and gather error log please?

Ok, where are the log please ?

It should be in your home folder, .xsession-errors and /var/log/. I afraid this bug is from Debian side so we can’t do so much. We’ll try the best but we can’t promise anything about this bug.

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