Caja compact layout issue


Parrot sec 4.7, the directories aren’t in order. Help me to fix it. In icon’s layout if the dir like zoomed to 150 is ok but it takes large space. The compact layout is cool, issue is with different length of file names and types(like pdf, video) in same dir makes in improper order


yeah i have the same issue too, haven’t fixed in 4.6 and 4.7. Did you find the solution?


This is mine

Ya you’re right if it only set to icon view, when you right click and set to compact layout it doesn’t take too much space like the guy mentioned above, but the files with different shape and file names sort improperly

Hey can you help me with the TOR browser problem that i’m having, How long shoud i wait for my topic to get posted?

It should be problem from mate. I think the best way is create an issue on their github page

IDK about it. You should wait other admins allow it. Maybe you can send me PM and I can take a look when i have free time

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