Caja - no pdf preview

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I’m using Parrot Sec 4.1 and I’m not able to get preview of pdf files in icon view mode. Only pdf logo show instead of real thumbnails. File preview is activated inCaja settings.
Thanks for helping

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Parrot Security 4.1
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This issue is so pittiful I wonder if it is even an issue. In fact thumbnails only spend resources and let metadata all over the place.
Not sure how to help but try with some setting regarding thumbnails in any case. I never saw any thumbnail going along with pdf files though at least in parrot.

Good luck.

It’s not about resources and metadata. I think it’s about permissions because jpeg and other photo files show thumbnails. And I’m able to get preview of pdf files when starting Caja in root only.

I know the ‘problem’ about thumbnails not appearing is not metadata or resources.
But you are right, caja shows thumbnails when in root.