Can i trust anonsurf?

does anonsurf block udp and icmp? what happen if i lost connection or anonsurf
will get an error? is possible ip leak?

Should be no leaks. Here are a few things AnonSurf does:

  • Redirects DNS traffic through Tor
  • Flushes DNS cache
  • Sets iptable rules
  • Stops ipv6
  • Sets DNS servers to OpenNIC servers
  • Redirects all other traffic through Tor (including commandline tools etc)

AnonSurf is proven to work.

However I should warn if you are using simple Firefox keep in mind things such as scripts/cookies can still potentially link you to other accounts you may have used. But this is not a flaw in AnonSurf. This is a functionality of web trackers and up to the functionality/settings of the browser you choose to use.

Luckily most of these trackers are stopped via the addons that come with Parrot. It all depends on your settings/practices in firefox.

Let me know if you have any other questions (related to AnonSurf for this thread) (I did not make it but I’ll do my best to answer) :slight_smile:

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Sorry if I intrude.
Does anonsurf and other VPNs is redundant or complementary? Does MAC spoofing a plus in the equation?

Thank you!

Anonsurf is Tor so using a VPN is somewhat redunant and likely to cause problems and at the very least slow connection considerably. MAC addresses exist on a low layer than protocols used to communicate over the open internet. Mac address tr acking is not really a thing, atleast not in any that’s meaningful certainly not over the open web.

anonsurf and VPN isn’t in the same ducking group. Quack Quack!

Check out OSI model

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From the day i start using anonsurf my browser is working fine. no need of extra vpn for network security but normally i cannot access the internet in any browser, i have to start snonsurf to access internet. without it internet is not working. how can i use internet in browser without anonsurf ?