Can't boot after apt dist-upgrade

Hi guys i’ve a big problem with parrot.
I Installed the full version Parrot Security and when i finish I do
apt dist-upgrade
after reboot i see only one black screen without cursor
i tried to add at the end of linux line in the grub option “nomodeset” and finally i can login in the system but with a bad graphic so i think is one driver of my
Intel GMA 4500M
I cant found any driver on the web for my graphic card.
Is there a solution?? :tired_face:

It’s the new kernel and your integrated graphics. For some reason, most Intel GPUs and the new parrot20 kernel doesn’t work. You’ll have to use the 4.18.parrot10 kernel. There have been a few of us who’ve noticed the issue. I’m hoping it’s fixed next kernel update.

If you boot into the OS with “nomodeset”, you should be able to install the last kernel through synaptic.

Use other kernel from grub more option
when you start PC that time hitshiftand go to more option or similar and select your old kernel`
Or first see if brightness is not “0”

Also able to do

It seems that this is not an issue limited to Parrot. After suffering this problem I installed Kali and it did the same after a kernel update (Linux 4.18.0-kali3-amd64).

After trawling the Internet it seems that this kernel bug was first reported in August 2018 and supposedly fixed in the 4.18.9 kernel release.

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Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the next Parrot Kernel update.

apt full-upgrade and not apt upgrade because you compromise all