cant cut and paste folders

i cant cut or paste any folders in my hard drive except my home directory and their sub folders

parrot 4.8 security edition

debian gtk
configure to multiboot with windows 10
If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

plz help me out

what are you trying to cut/paste? (You could also try the command line. It is more efficient when you learn how to use it :wink: )

Are you lacking permission to cut/paste? For ex: with normal/regular user login permissions you may not be able to read all files inside a given folder or paste into another. To solve this you could open the folder with sudo.

As it stands we need more information.

Well one of the reason maybe because your windows is not fully shutdown. Windows keep itself in hibernation mode to make the boot process fast so.
Once, try booting into the windows and turn off the hibernation for that open Powershell or Cmd as administrator and do the following code
powercfg /hibernate off

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thanks man helped me

Happy using

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