Cant get USB to boot

Im currently running raspbian on raspberry pi 3 (No access to another computer) from SD card, I have the .img extracted and am trying to write to USB. Can anybody help with the correct dd command. I have used dd if=parrotos.img of=dev/sda bs=4 also formatted to fat32 but it wont boot. I have no issue booting other os from USB when I install via Noobs/PINN.

This may seem like a silly question, but did you actually rename the file “parrotos.img”? I have seen others who are failing to actually write to the USB because they were using that command but the download was something more elaborate like “Parrot_x64_blahblah.iso”

Worked at me:

dd if=path/to/file.img of=path/to/usb conv=fsync

I use the default BS (512k).
If you want to see the progress put status=progress at the end of the command

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just a note for you @g0rbe
i decided to enable the status=progress option by default in parrot :slight_smile:
it is a very handful feature


I am unable to get the USB to boot, any suggestions ?
I am trying to install Parrot Sec 4.4 on T480.
This was not an issue on my old MacBook Air, since I liked it I was planning on installing this on the Thinkpad as well.

@superenme there is no suggestion possible if you don’t give informations about the problem, like what error, or logs or a screenshot