Can't install executables

Hi guys when I try to install Ngrok in newest version of parrot security edition it says (cannot execute binary file exec format error ) please someone help me to fix this if the parrot sec department sees this please create a code like (sudo apt-get install Ngrok) and also add some more tools like brutesploit,WiFi phisher,shellphish etc. And fix that airgeddon won’t run in New security edition I fixed that but please fix for other users .

For running binary files in Linux, you have to mark binary files with the terminal as executable before with:
‘chmod +x filename
After you run them with ‘./filename’ (dot, slash, filename).
If you get an permission error, run with sudo. But be aware what it means to run apllications as sudo in Linux.
The other programs you mentioned you can just get from github, there is no need that they are in the official repositories I think…yeah just my opinion. But if you want to use them just get from github


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