Can't Install On A External Hard Drive

I was really hopeful about this OS . But for me it isn’t usable because I can’t run it like I want . I want the system fully installed on a external SSD and be able to boot from said drive just like it was the one physically installed in my computer . I have tinkered with it for two days now . I give up .

I boot up just fine from the initial flash , but upon trying to run it as a fully dedicated system on the drive , it won’t work . It only gives me a option to manually partition the drive , which I have done before . Nothing I try works . It throws a error saying it can’t format the drive . I have tried every variation I can think of format wise .

Flash your usb with etcher
Then boot into that live usb and install onto the external ssd, you can even go with erase all option or else manual but make sure about choosing your ssd correctly while installing