Can't shutdown or restart

Suddenly I’m facing power off issue. The system doesn’t turn off.
Tried to shutdown via terminal(halt, shutdown, poweroff, reboot), the same issue occurs.
Recently I reinstalled the os. But it’s doing the same!
I configured the system to multiboot with Mint. Mint is working fine.

Hello so0vo use “shutdown -h now” without the “” to shutdown .
Or “shutdown -r now” to reboot :sleeping:

it’s a graphical card issue, you should try booting with the nvidia options in the grub menu.

I mentioned already !

I can’t find it. Elaborate please.

when you boot, you’re greeted with a grub menu asking for 5 seconds, you have the choice to boot with some options if you choose with the arrows on your keyboard. try all of them and see if one of them works