Change titebar buttons to right side?

Hi there I try to do that System>Preferences>Look and feel>Windows and then General titlebar buttons I want to click position to a right but it is locked.

And second one problem which I have. I see very weak text which I wrote on example
It is almost invisible when want to read. Would be great if somebody could help me.

Instead System>Preferences>Look and feel>Windows, try
System>Preferences>Look and feel>Mate Tweak and try from there, works for me.
As for second question, idk, maybe it’s something with mate, themes settings…


type xgamma -gamma 0.8

I used this solution from the old forum:

gsettings set org.mate.Marco.general button-layout 'menu:minimize,maximize,close'



That’s fixed it:
gsettings set org.mate.Marco.general button-layout ‘menu:minimize,maximize,close’

Thanks a lot

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