Characteristics of Parrot OS

Hey, everyone! I’m a student of Computer Engineering and I’m trying to learn about other systems. I founded Parrot OS and It’s awesome, but I have some doubts about some features of this system.

Does Parrot supports multithreads?

Does Parrot could attend low response time or is not possible because of the type of applications?

Thank you!

I’m using “Parrot OS 4.11”

My Kernel version is “5.10.0-6parrot1-amd64”.

Hi! All your questions are about operating systems in general, so it would be much more comprehensive for you to read and study a book about operating systems (for example, Tanenbaum’s book of Operating Systems). You may also find something useful in our open books archive (Index of /parrot/misc/openbooks/ - especially the books on the C language, to have an exhaustive answer to your third question). Anything written in those books applies to ParrotOS, as well as any other GNU/Linux distribution.

(hope you meant “funded”, if so, thanks!)

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