Computer makes all applications read-only

My computer suddenly locks all applications as read-only. I seem to have better luck when booting from recovery mode, but it still happens. Can anybody tell me why this keeps happening, and how to fix it? Thanks!

Parrot Home 4.11

  • Kernel version (if you are not aware of it, open terminal and type uname -r):

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

  • Screenshots:

would help to figure out if you can mention what those applications are.

And you said it can open in recovery, that means u need sudo perms,
Login normally but use sudo while u wanna use it

all applications except terminal lock as read only, including browser. this happens randomly, even when using an application. it still happens when using recovery mode, and i always use an administrator account.


Never heard like this before or i can’t understand you, can you send any screenshot?

The problem was the SSD drive, it had been writen too many times. I am now using an HDD drive with no problems. Thanks!

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