Cpu running 100% all the time

i have a
Hp laptop 15-bsOxx[1ZD13EA#ACQ]
Intel Core i3 6006U Processor CPU @ 2.00GHGz x4
4GB RAM Plus 1TB Hard Drive
Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520

Im using
Parrot os 4.7 64 bit
Kernel Linux 5.2.0-2parrot-amd64 x86_64
MATE 1.22.1

I did use bootable USB I made it with powerOS

**Configured to multiboot with other systems?
I don’t know how to configur

**If there are any error messages or relevant logs,
theres no error messages and error logs

Heres what my laptop is showing
CPU1 99% CPU2 90%-100% CPU3 90%-100% CPU4 90%-100%
most of the time ram show 30% of 4gb
I have on swap file
Laptop is all ways overheating
Battery gos fast down

I need HELP please

Thank you if u can help me

Well that is concerning!



then press P while in htop to view by CPU.

What processes are using all your CPU%? After pressing P the high cpu processes should be at the top. Just paste the processes into your reply and we can go from there.


that is odd. Looks like aa-notify(app armor)/systemd/rsyslogd at the top. Look for systemd/apparmor msgs when you run the command:

1.) do you see ANY problem messages or flooding/repeating of messages? Please paste last 100 lines of dmesg so we can look by entering as root:

dmesg|tail -100

2.) Also is this a new install?

3.) Also does this happen everytime you boot?

4.) What are you doing when this starts? Do the processes change or remain aa-notify, systemd, rsyslogd?

(2) yes

Ill send the pics now

i boot up my laptop and it shows that

And i tryed parrot home it do the same

Can you cut/paste the output of:

tail -50 /var/log/syslog

Want to be sure we don’t miss any seperate error msgs.

Make sure all cables inside computer are clean and well connected to be safe (Bad physical connection could cause the flooding of PCI errors).

Does this also happen when you run the Live version of Parrot? Does it run okay on windows?

Yes it runs the same

Adding this line to boot parameters/grub:


will stop a lot of the errors you printed earlier. See if this improves your system resources.

I now just did read about that

Even if the errors it may not fix the problem completely. This will just get rid of advanced error reporting (aer).

Let us know how it went :slightly_smiling_face:

I read somewhere on the internet (sorry for not sourcing) that this may be related to Intel’s CPU not working properly in a particular linux kernel. Try booting live and then check if it boots having that problem in a different platform.

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