Cryptsetup & Adding Disk Space to OS

When I installed Parrot, I wiped my other operating systems off of the hardware I use. When I set up ParrotSec I only allocated 30GB for my file system. I have more than a TB that I would like to put to use. I tried to reinstall but now my computer isn’t reading the live USB on start up. How can I add more memory to this partition I set up?

You could resize it through glared but it may take a while. It’s not booting from USB or not reading it?

Thanks for the reply, yeah it won’t let me back into the BIOS once I did an live USB install. It’s set up to read directly from the hard drive. I tried to reinstall Parrot because I’m having a few different problems that I wanted to fix however now if I power off then back on I can’t go back into BIOS to change the boot process to read the USB port or live CD

It should let you back in the bios unless it got flashed and didnt finish/recover/whatever whats the system

Thanks @Nico_Paul. I just did a static discharge hardware and somehow when I got it to boot back up I was able to get the legacy menu open, from here I was able to get to the legacy BIOs and boot a live USB. From here I was able to download GParted and increase my file system size. Thanks for the help!

This may be totally random and just another error as I’m setting up this OS. After resizing I ran

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

After everything was downloaded I was left with the following warning

cryptsetup: WARNING: The initramfs image may not contain cryptsetup binaries
nor crypto modules. If that’s on purpose, you may want to uninstall the
‘cryptsetup-initramfs’ package in order to disable the cryptsetup initramfs
integration and avoid this warning.

Any idea on this @Nico_Paul

Anytime! Happy to help out! First off, try using "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist upgrade && sudo dost-upgrade versus apt-get because it tends to be a little bit more reliable and careful not to remove or update something that will leave another package orphaned or broken but that’s a whole discussion itself haha but to answer your actual question it is telling you that no cryptsetup command is set to run which is okay if you chose no encryption for your hatd disk drive on install. If you chose encryption on another drive etc you need to configure and run it but if not youre safe to go into synaptic and remove the cryptsetup-initramfs package :grin: