Default Passwd & Autologon USB Persist

Hi all,
I am running the LIVE CD from a persistent with encryption USB.

I can rename the default account but when I reset the default user password, it reverts to toor on reboot. As such, this not secure since someone can login or exploit the system with this default password.

With that said, does this configurationhowever on support the following and please explain how.

  1. changing and retaining the default password
  2. disabling autologon

is it only the password that reverts on boot or all your modifications ? if the latter then you did not manage to make your live usb persistent

Only the password is changing reverting back to toor on reboot

All of my changes, accounts, installations, data etc are being retained on reboot so persistence is not an issues.

well first, please fill out the info the chart prompts you for instead of deleting it alltogether, it really is helpful. live is always going to have the configs it has. if you didnt write with etcher that may be why its not persisting correctly, you could also install through advanced to the usb or hd as normal vs live.

Hi Nico,
You are spot on. I reinstalled on the local drive and Parrot is working great. It must be the way I burned the USB or a result of using live boot.

In either case, Parrot is one of the best distro’s I have used. So good in fact, I replaced my Win10 image in my laptop.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and support

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I went through a phase where I experimented with the installer more times than id care to admit haha! Its one of the reasons I find myself saying I love the most about Parrot, it’s what you make it, which is all gnu/linux but for some reason I find it more approachable and Im always still amazed at the things I’m constantly learning from it!

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