Delete windows to make parrot os main

okay so I get my xps 13" 9380 tomorrow how to do i delete windows and make parrot os my main OS with no windows connected please with a good description im a noob thanks.

last question I saw online you can encrypt the drive when making it your main os does that mean i don’t need veracrypt to encrypt my drive or it is okay to use veracrypt aswell

If you have an usb dongle with parrotOS iso, just start the laptop with it in, tell BIOS to start from dongle.
Select Installation, and when the partition menu begins select all disk.
It is very easy… I you have any issue come back and we will help you.

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I believe the BIOS on the XPS is accessed during startup by pressing the ‘delete’ key. In the bios you will need to set the primary boot device to your install media. (USB,or DVD containing Parrot iso)Allowing the install to encrypt your disk will eliminate the need for veracrypt. Heads up the wireless card on the XPS is likely to disappoint you. You may want to invest in a dongle…

  • after downloading the correct .iso for your system, be sure to check the hash files to make sure you do not have a corrupted file… here is a link you can refer to to learn how: “

  • also, do not just drag and drop the .iso file to your bootable media. for this check out “rufus”, just google it and refer to videos on youtube…super simple to use

another tip I would add is, and I know you’ve probably heard it over and over again, but be sure to create backup recovery media before full installation because you do not want to brick your equipment

I had an issue with mine where I faced the black screen of death with a flashing caps lock key that even my recovery media couldnt’t help me with…finally I just took out the cmos battery for 30 seconds, plug everything back in and voila…she was back, but man was I sweatin… anyways…goodluck with the install

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